Cyberjump trampoline park House Rules

    1. General information

    Cyberjump Trampoline Park is operated by Cyberjump Slovakia s.r.o., with its registered address at Pribinova 10, 81109 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Identification No. 52 521 931 (the “Operator“).

    Cyberjump Trampoline Park may be used in compliance with its purpose and with the House Rules. If you have any questions, you are kindly requested to turn to any member of the Cyberjump Trampoline Park team.

    No business may be transacted within the Cyberjump Trampoline Park, including any promotions or sales, and making recordings that have a business purpose.

    2. Entry to Cyberjump Trampoline Park  

    Entry is allowed on these conditions:

    1. Valid ticket (exceptions may apply in certain cases);
    2. Registration, including signing of various statements/declarations;
    3. Good physical and mental health (see below);
    4. Age of at least 4 years;
    5. To protect children, any children aged up to 15 years are recommended to stay and move within Cyberjump Trampoline Park premises only accompanied by an adult.
    6. For security reasons, trampoline use is not allowed to persons weighing more than 110 kg.
    7. In the case of underaged persons: accompanied by (at least one) properly authorised adult who has signed a written responsibility statement on behalf of such underaged person; such adult must hold a purchased ticket.
    8. Security rules for Ninja Warrior course:
    • premises of this game may be used only by visitors with height over 150 cm;
    • this is not recommended to those suffering from fear of heights;
    • visitors acknowledge that use of this course may present excessive strain on shoulders, arms and upper part of their body;
    • only one person may take the course at any given point of time;
    • special socks must be worn on Ninja Warrior course.

    Visitors are prohibited from bringing and consuming their own food and drinks on the premises of Cyberjump Trampoline Park.  Entire Cyberjump Trampoline Park is a strictly non-smoking area.

    No bulky baggage or bags are allowed in the area of Cyberjump Trampoline Park.  Lockers, solely for personal belongings of a general nature and not for valuables, are available on Cyberjump Trampoline Park premises. Cyberjump Trampoline Park Operator is not liable for any damage caused to items brought into or left by visitors to Cyberjump Trampoline Park if these are left outside areas or facilities designated by the Operator for keeping such belongings (i.e. if stored outside lockers).

    Entry to the Cyberjump Trampoline Park is not allowed to any persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or narcotic and psychotropic substances. No persons suffering from disease or illness that may pose an obstacle to use of Cyberjump Trampoline Park or whose disease or illness may have an adverse effect on third parties or cause undue danger to the Cyberjump Trampoline Park may enter the Cyberjump Trampoline Park.  During their visit to the Cyberjump Trampoline Park, the visitors must act responsibly, recognising the overall level of risk, and possess satisfactory discipline and self-command.

    3. Trampoline use

    The following safety rules apply in the Cyberjump Trampoline Park for trampoline use:

    Please watch a security video before jumping.

    No jumping is allowed if you are pregnant.

    It is prohibited to enter the trampoline jumping areas with your footwear on.  Jumping is allowed only in special socks that are available at the entrance.

    Jumping visitors must wear sports clothing, excluding any glasses, laces, hats, caps or other head coverings.  If you have long hair, these must be clipped.  If you have any queries, please turn to any member of the Cyberjump Trampoline Park team.

    Those jumping may not have on themselves any other items (such as, keys, pendants, necklaces, other accessories, mobile phones, watches, cameras, etc.).

    Start with simple trampolines first to get ready.

    Always use the trampolines responsibly.  Avoid unreasonable danger.  Make sure that you are well focused for the entire time of your jumping.

    Mind those jumping with you at all times.

    Annoying or molesting others will result in immediate dismissal from the area of Cyberjump Trampoline Park.

    Somersaults, back flips and other dangerous tricks are prohibited.

    No pushing.  No synchronised jumping.  No catapulting.

    When jumping into a foam pool, please jump so as to fall on your entire body, if at all possible. You can inflict serious injuries if you jump with your feet or head on.

    No climbing on safety rails, nets, game equipment, and other equipment and facilities of Cyberjump Trampoline Park. Pipes, bearing consoles, lamps hanging from ceiling are not a part of the game, and must not be touched.

    Jumping across is prohibited. Always jump into the middle of the course. Jumping on the side of the course, or in-between two courses, may cause serious injuries.

    Make sure that you hold your tongue. It is not allowed to chew a chewing gum.

    If you need to rest, please leave the designated jumping area. After you finish jumping, please leave the trampoline.

    You can find more instructions near to individual games.

    No “jumping off” the designated jumping area.

    3/b. Use of trampoline board
    •    The board is available for rent for a fee at the reception desk.
    •    It can be used by persons aged 8 years or more, at their own risk.
    •    It can be used when supervised by activity leaders.

    4. Observing instructions

    Instructions of any member of the Cyberjump Trampoline Park team must be respected without any reservations.
    If you do not respect the instructions, you may be asked to leave the Cyberjump Trampoline Park, without refund of admission fee.

    5. Risks and liability

    Visit to the Cyberjump Trampoline Park may pose a risk of injury. Injuries can occur in particular where the visitors do not follow the rules of Cyberjump Trampoline Park, and overestimate their physical and mental capacities.  

    There is no permanent health service in the area of Cyberjump Trampoline Park.

    You use Cyberjump Trampoline Park games and equipment at your own risk. The Cyberjump Trampoline Park Operator is not liable for  injuries suffered by visitors due to lack of care, negligence, disregard to their health, capacities or abilities or non-compliance with Cyberjump House Rules and Safety Rules, nor for any damage caused except in a situation where the condition of game facilities and equipment does not comply with safety rules and these are unfit for use. The Operator is not liable for behaviour of other visitors.

    If other visitors put you at risk or behave irresponsibly, you should report them to employee of Cyberjump Trampoline Park.

    Visitors must report any damage they cause to other visitors, and must compensate for such damage.

    Accompanying adults are responsible for underage visitors under their control.

    6. Compensation for damage

    Visitors must immediately report injuries, accidents or damage caused, and report such in a protocol on accident drawn in cooperation with an employee of Cyberjump Trampoline Park. Where a visitor claims compensation for damage, reasons for and the amount of such claim must be given within 6 months of the date when the relevant protocol on injury, accident or event of loss was made.

    7. Use of cameras, taking pictures, and recording videos

    Upon entry to Cyberjump Trampoline Park, the visitor acknowledges and agrees that the Operator may, on premises of the Cyberjump Trampoline Park, take group pictures and group videorecordings, and use such on websites and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, and others).Visitors also acknowledge and agree that the area of Cyberjump Trampoline Park is under CCTV surveillance. This is brought to specific attention of visitors upon their entry to the Cyberjump Trampoline Park.

    8. Leaving Cyberjump Trampoline Park

    Tickets become invalid when you leave Cyberjump Trampoline Park (exceptions may apply).

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